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Hello, My Name is Yasmin. I m Coming from Germany . I had my Surgery with Dr. Hassan Erdem. I am very statisfied. He was very nice and Friendly. He did good Job. ?? The Hospital was very good and the People Are nice. They always checked me up and Tendü was always there. She speaks German and translated for me. It was very good to have her on my side. I Almost lost 5 Kilo in 6 days. Hope it Will Be Going on… Thank you ????


Satisfied mother…succesful operation by dr erdem and the team Im One of the mother of those teenagers who suffered with obesity…i am a nurse and i know the risk my daugther will face If i we will do it…but that fear is gone when i was at the hospital. Dr erdem and the team was great and calm.every patient in the area you can see the fear but it goes down after talking ro the doctors..i have some few questions too and the dr erdem was in the hospital almost all the time to answer it…the operation went well and the service is satisfactory…though it was difficult with some language with the nurses but the team is fluent and you can find some help outside which the translator…highly recommended…my daugthers before weight is 98 kl.and now 74kl. after 4months.shes happy and confident…shes just 17yrs old…

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best choice I made in my life❤️ The best decision I made in my life was having this operation. I had my surgery 5th of July 2018 and went into it weighing 118 kilos and it’s been just over a year I’m 74 kilos. Worth every single penny I spent and the doctors are so motivating and supporting. If anyone wants to do this but is scared because of what other people think, do it for yourself not them, I was put off by what everyone around me was saying but I’m so proud of myself for listening to my own heart for once because I’m the happiest I have been and so confident. The best place to go! Thank you to Dr Hasan Erdem and all the team! T, Birmingham, United Kingdom


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