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A tummy tuck also referred to as abdominoplasty, is an aesthetic surgical treatment that is used to alter the size and composition of the belly. If you have extra fat or tissue around your navel or a weakened lower abdominal wall, you may benefit from a belly tuck. A tummy tuck might also improve your self-esteem and it can be combined with other body sculpting cosmetic operations, such as breast reconstruction, to achieve the best results.  If you’ve had liposuction to reduce fat from your belly, you may want to consider a tummy tuck because liposuction only eliminates material just beneath the epidermis and fat, not really any extra skin.


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    How is a tummy tuck done?

    First, liposuction is used to remove fat from the whole stomach and waistline during the tummy tuck process. To stay in the undergarments, a large cut is created at the bottom of the belly. The abdominal tissue is taken to the lower ribs, the belly button is detached from the tissue, and the abdominal wall is tightened by suturing lax abdominal muscles firmly. The whole skin beneath the belly is then excised. The overlying skin is pushed down, and a new abdominal hole is created. The top and lower sections of the belly button are extended after a full tummy tuck, the waistline is slimmer, the abdominal muscle is smoothed, and the belly button appears straight and youthful.

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    How is the healing process?

    Your stomach will be wrapped with medical covering immediately after a tummy tuck. In many circumstances, narrow, little tubes may be put across your incisions to evacuate any fluid that has accumulated around it. This is a regular occurrence that should not give you any further distress.During the first few days after surgery, you will have to lay at an inclination and will be told to move around to avoid clots. It is critical to arrange for assistance for at least the first day or two after the operation. You will be given painkillers and will experience restricted movement, so you won’t be capable of driving yourself home.Antibiotics and blood thinners are usually prescribed for a certain timeframe, and some people are prescribed topical lotions to use around the wound area.During recuperation, you will wear a stomach support garment or wrapping to aid with inflammation and pain.Because drinking and smoking might sabotage your healing, you should refrain from doing so for at least 3 months after the operation. The majority of individuals choose to take a month off work to recuperate. If you work in a highly demanding profession, it’s even more critical to take lots of time off to avoid endangering your recuperation. For the same purposes, you should avoid exercising during this period.


    Why should you choose Turkey for a tummy tuck?


    Medical tourism in Turkey is on the rise, due to a growing population of aesthetic surgery patients from all over the globe who fly to Turkey for lower-cost operations. There are numerous reasons to choose Turkey for a tummy tuck surgery, the most important of which are the country’s abundance of educated, skilled, and experienced cosmetic surgeons, as well as the fact that the tummy tuck processes are conducted at a much cheaper price than in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. It should be noted that the tummy tuck operation in Turkey is very safe, and this is another reason why you should choose Turkey for a tummy tuck. The explanation for this is that Turkey has a strong medical system with properly trained medical professionals performing in the finest surgical units in the world.So, if you want to have a safe and healthy tummy tuck procedure with highly experienced and caring health care personnel and save your money, you should definitely choose Turkey!

    How much does a tummy tuck cost in Turkey?

    Turkey is one of the greatest places to go for a tummy tuck since the doctors are among the greatest in the world, and the cost is fairly cheap. The estimated price of a belly tuck in Turkey is 4000 USD, which is a great price, especially in comparison to other countries. What is better than having a dream look and paying a minimal price?

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    Why is tummy tuck cheaper in Turkey?

    Because Turkey’s overall wage expenses are less than those in Europe, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries may be provided at a very minimal price. Facts such as the monthly average income of Turkish people, lodging expenses, and the usage of locally made surgical supplies may help to explain why tummy tucks are so inexpensive. Rivalry amongst clinics might also be cited as a valid factor. As a result, the cheap charges are solely attributable to economic concepts and have nothing to do with the effectiveness of the procedures provided by qualified cosmetic surgeons.

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