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Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed under general anesthesia in approximately 1.5 hours.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed on patients with a body mass index above 40 or diabetes, hypertension...

As you can see in the sample price table above, Gastric Sleeve Turkey cost is 80% more advantageous than European countries.

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What Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed under general anesthesia in approximately 1.5 hours. In gastric surgery, approximately 80% of the stomach is taken, including the fundus region where the appetite hormone is secreted. Generally, the operation is performed as laparoscopic. This is an option that both restricts the process time and facilitates the healing process. The operation is observed by camera imaging with the help of special intra-abdominal devices, usually with small incisions, where a deep incision is not performed. The determined part of the stomach is removed with the help of robotic technology and the procedure is completed without muscle incision. It is important to first evaluate whether the person is obese or not. The fact that a person's weight problem cannot be solved by diet lists given by dietitians is a great start to make this inference. The balance between the person's height and weight, the limits that cannot be exceeded in eating habits are also helpful tools in determining obesity. According to today's accepted limits, body mass index (BMI) is over 35 and can be applied to patients who want to lower this body mass index. However, some additional requirements are also sought to be applied to patients with this level of body mass index (BMI).

  • If it can be done before surgery, a diet should be made and some weight should be given. This process reduces the risks associated with the surgery and reduces the size of the liver makes the surgery easier.
  • For the preparation of the surgery, all routine surgery tests are performed and respiratory functions are evaluated.
  • Before surgery for possible stomach gastric pathologies evaluated.
  • Apart from the related examinations, the opinion of cardiology, endocrinology, chest, psychiatry and anesthesiologist is taken for surgery.
  • The patient is left hungry the night before. The patient is told what to do for the formation of blood clots and blood diluent drugs are started.
  • %80 of the stomach is removed after this operation and the stomach becomes similar to The Shape of a thin tube.
  • Tube gastric surgery, which is easier to perform than other surgical methods, greatly reduces the nutritional capacity of the stomach.
  • It is a simple and comfortable method of complication.
  • After the surgery, you should stay in the hospital for a few days and be under the control of a doctor.
  • Following the surgery, it is very important to follow the 1 year diet program prepared specifically for the patient.
  • The patient will have fewer calories than before the operation, so the nutritional value of what they eat should be high. Eating unhealthy foods such as fatty, sugary foods and high-calorie drinks prevents weakening.
  • During the post-operative period, he is fed liquid-weighted and nutritious foods. Then the nutrition program is changed in stages.
  • It is possible that other serious diseases will decrease and disappear in proportion to the serious weight loss that will be experienced.

Are You Eligible?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed on patients with a body mass index above 40 or diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol, as well as patients with a body mass index above 35. The excess weight of these patients should be exogenous. In other words, it should not be from the group of hormonal disorders. These people need to work for a long time with methods such as diet and exercise to lose weight. As a result of these efforts, obese people who cannot lose weight can be offered this operation as an option.

You must have the following criteria in order to have this operation:

  • Your body mass index must be above 40
  • If you have diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia or high cholesterol, body mass index must be above 35
  • If you could not lose weight with natural methods and did not get results for a long time diet, you can have this surgery.
  • If you have obesity and cannot lose weight, or if you suffer from weight-related insulin resistance, joint discomfort, etc., this surgery is suitable for you.


Gastric sleeve surgery abroad (gastric sleeve surgery overseas)

If you want to have gastric sleeve surgery abroad, you should investigate the price and details very well. You can have this surgery in many countries in Europe. However, when we examine the statistics, we see that Turkey is far ahead of other countries in this regard. This surgery is performed with the latest technology and is performed in European standards. In addition to the fact that the price is very advantageous, the reputation of specialists worldwide is an effective factor in patients ' preferences. Gastric sleeve Turkey is always the first choice.

Gastric sleeve surgery abroad prices

You can compare Gastric sleeve surgery prices in Europe. Prices are average:

Country Price £ Starts from
Poland 5500
Chech 5300
France 7500
Hungary 6800
Belgium 7900
Lithuania 6000
TURKEY 4000 - 4500

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Cost

As you can see in the sample price table above, Gastric Sleeve Turkey cost is 80% more advantageous than European countries. Due to the price advantage and hundreds of successful surgery references, Turkey is the most preferred country in this regard. In this way, you will have the opportunity to take a short vacation in Turkey before and after the surgery. You can get the most accurate and up-to-date price after your first consultation with your doctor.


Turkey is one of the countries where you can have an 80% discount and advantageous gastric sleeve surgery. You can compare the price in the table above. The main reason why prices are so cheap in Turkey is that Labor and surgical supplies are affordable.

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6 Benefits Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

6 advantages of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey are as follows:

  • Successful surgery results worldwide
  • Hygienic clinics At reasonable prices with European standards
  • Specialist and experienced doctors
  • Short holiday in Turkey which is the most beautiful country in the world
  • All inclusive prices
  • Turkish hospitality

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