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Gastric Balloon Surgery is a method to help promote the speed and success of weight loss in patients suffering from obesity.

Patients who are going to have Gastric Balloon technique must meet some criteria.

In Europe you have to pay more than £ 4500 for a Gastric Balloon operation.

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What Is A Gastric Balloon?

A gastric balloon is not a procedure that removes morbid obesity or an alternative to bariatric surgery. A gastric balloon is not a method of gastric reduction surgery, meaning that no surgery is performed in this practice. The gastric balloon method is only used in overweight super-obese patients who are prepared for morbid obesity surgery for the purpose of weight loss prior to surgery. In addition, it can be used as an adjunct method in patients who are slightly overweight and are not accepted for surgery, albeit very rarely. The simplest method of helping to lose weight is the application of stomach balloon. In this method, a balloon filled with liquid or air in the stomach is placed under light anesthesia with the help of an endoscope. This process takes 15-20 minutes. This reduces the food capacity of the stomach and provides quick saturation. With this method, patients can lose 7-8 pounds in a few months. However, this balloon can remain in the body for 6 months and maximum 1 year and is removed by endoscopic procedure within 5-6 minutes. Although the simple application and the absence of a permanent change in the body are the advantages of the method, the weight loss can be recovered if the patient does not change his lifestyle after the balloon is removed and does not continue his diet. However, during the 6 months-1 year period of use, people are trained in how to eat. It can be ideal for people with a body mass index of 30-40kg / m2.

Gastric balloon stomach. Vector illustration flat design
  • Before gastric balloon surgery, patients are often eliminated by doctors and examined in accordance with the term thin-read. All of these examinations are for the patient to be comfortable before and after the operation and for the operation to be successful.
  • Necessary tests and assays are performed. Information is collected about the patient's past and health problems he / she have experienced in the past.
  • Gastric balloon operations performed by endoscopy do not cover very long periods.
  • It takes a total of one to one and a half hours for the patient to come under general anesthesia and recover from the anesthesia.
  • When the balloon is deflated, it is swallowed by mouth and then inflated with sterile water or air through the catheter attached to the balloon.
  • However, this includes the patient's time to go under anesthesia and exit. The duration of the operation performed on the patient is between 15-40 minutes.
  • The gastric balloon technique is a good alternative to lowering the risk of patients, especially those at risk of surgery.
  • Even the foods that the patient will consume after the operation are decided before the surgery.
  • After the surgery, a general plan is prepared and only the necessary information is communicated to the patient as soon as the time comes and the recovery of the patient is accelerated during the process that is followed. This makes it possible to lose weight fast.
  • Gastric Balloon can be applied awake under mild drowsiness called sedation or under general anesthesia. The balloon, usually awake, should be removed under anesthesia. Patients can go home after the procedure
  • The success of the method is due to the feeling of satiety created by taking up space in the stomach and pressing on the stomach wall. Air ± liquid ranging from 400-750 cc is used for inflating the sphere.

Are You Eligible?

Patients who are going to have Gastric Balloon technique must meet some criteria.  This procedure is usually applied to obese patients who are at risk of surgery and who are not in good health. If your health is appropriate and your condition is available, you can evaluate different alternative obese surgeries.

You must have the following criteria in order to have this operation:

For people aged 18-65

For those who are obese for at least 5 years

Patients with obesity-related disease of BMI 27 and above

Those with BMI over 30

The BMI is above 50 and is used for preoperative preparation in obese patients who will undergo obesity surgery.

Gastric Balloon abroad (gastric balloon overseas)

Although it seems simple, it is a very important process. Gastric Balloon can be performed in many countries. Gastric balloon Turkey is the most popular destination. You will understand the reasons for this when you make the following price comparison. Gastric balloon cost in Turkey is really attractive and when compared to European prices, there is a difference of up to 80%.

Gastric Balloon abroad prices

You can compare Gastric Balloon prices in Europe. Prices are average:


Country Starting Price
Poland £ 3.300
Chech £ 3.900
Lithuania £ 4.500
Hungary £ 3.850
France £ 4.200
Belgium £ 3.800
Turkey £ 2.400

Gastric Balloon Turkey Cost

In Europe you have to pay more than £ 4500 for a Gastric Balloon operation. These prices can go up to £ 10,000. In Turkey, prices start at £ 2400 and vary by clinic. So there's almost a 70% to 80% difference. The reason why the price of Gastric Balloon Turkey is so affordable is that Labour is cheap. Thousands of foreign patients who want to receive both cheap and high quality health services prefer Turkey. You can contact your doctor or clinic prior to the procedure and get an all-inclusive offer.


Gastric Balloon procedure can be performed easily in any country you want. But before we decide this, we would like to remind you that when this operation is not performed by the right surgeons, it can pose huge risks. We also recommend you decide by comparing the prices above. It is obvious that Turkey is much more advantageous in terms of both price and service quality.

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6 Benefits Of Gastric Balloon Turkey Surgery

6 advantages of Gastric Balloon Turkey are as follows:

  • Regular follow-up and control after the procedure
  • Cheapest prices in Europe
  • Hygienic clinics and specialist doctors
  • Many successful patient references
  • Use of painless and practical techniques
  • Detailed examinations before and after the procedure

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