Why Gastric Sleeve in Turkey?

Not only in the health sector but in almost all sectors, prices vary according to the quality of service and the quality of materials used. Gastric sleeve costs may also differ in some clinics and hospitals. But the price of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey, around 3,500 - 4,500 euros. Turkish hospitality is also evident in the health sector. Especially for patients coming from abroad, an “all-inclusive concept” is applied.

What is included?

  • Patient transportation costs
  • Hotel expenses and accommodation
  • All meal expenses for the duration of his stay in Turkey is calculated as included in the price
  • Airport and hotel transfers are also included.

So briefly; The price is charged so that you do not have to pay any extra fee. The same service will get at least 50-60% more expensive in Europe. Do you understand now the reason why so many preferred Turkey? Another aim of the patients who are operated in Turkey is to have a short vacation in Turkey within the scope of the operation fee. To reduce the stress experienced before the surgery.

After Gastric Sleeve

98% of patients who performed gastric sleeve surgery In Turkey, return to their country as happy and healthy. The part which is 2% do not follow the diet program given by the doctors after surgery. Because there’s something more important than surgery, to eat healthily. If you don’t apply for the nutritional program in 6 months, the surgery will be of no use.

Ask for before and after pictures

If you haven’t decided to have surgery in Turkey yet, ask your doctor for gastric sleeve before and after pictures and videos. These contents are still available on every click’s website. If you can’t find it on the website, Ask your doctor privately. You can see and decide whit before – after pictures. You can also read the comments of the patients who have successfully operated in Turkey in social media and health forums. These comments will help you decide.

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