Is it safe to get gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey?

Although there are many successful countries that perform gastric sleeve surgery, the popularity of Turkey is very different. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is a very safe and successful procedure. There are many reasons why this surgery is very safe. Factors such as successful and experienced doctors, experienced healthcare team, well-equipped hospitals and patient control processes make this surgery safe. Of course, these are not the only ones. The fact that hospitals and clinics are under government control ensures that the surgery is performed safely. Patient rights are always important. Turkey is one of the safest countries in this sense.

Gastric sleeve surgery, like other surgical procedures, carries certain risks. Bleeding, embolism, breathing problems, risks associated with anesthesia and risks that should not be ignored in patients with leaky abdominal surgery. At this stage, the technique by which the operation is performed also becomes more important. Patient comfort has been increased in recent years by the development of laparoscopic Gastric sleeve surgery. If you are aware of the risks of gastric bypass, surgery is better for you. Patients with gastric bypass clearly understand the expectations of a process that will be completed without health problems that may disrupt the operation if the operation is performed by an experienced surgeon if the abdominal tube is checked, and patients after the operation if performed at many risks associated with the operation can be eliminated. .

Why Get Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey ?

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed by opening the small abdominal cavities as laparoscopic and extracting 80% to 85% of the abdomen with a camera through these cavities. It is a rigorous surgery that reduces the ability of the stomach to absorb food. Due to the fact that the turkey gastric sleeve is performed in a closed manner, the patient is largely protected from the risk of pain, hernia and infection at the wound site. The age appropriate for this operation is preferably between 18 and 65 years. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, in other words Gastric Sleeve Surgery, makes it possible to reduce abdominal volume by laparoscopic surgery. This allows him to feel fuller with less food. The digestive system is not affected and one tends to eat more because it increases the feeling of satiety. This reduces the stomach contents. Laparoscopy is also performed with a special telescope that allows you to see the inside of the abdomen. Therefore, the surrounding tissues are not damaged; the risk of complications is reduced to a minimum.

Pros of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is performed by a laparoscopic procedure. Laparoscopic surgery is a closed surgical technique. Several holes with a diameter of about 0.5 cm were made in its place, and a camera and medical device were sent through these holes in the abdominal area. The surgeon, on the one hand, controls the operating field of the high-resolution monitor and, on the other hand, the treatment is performed. This technique makes both operations more comfortable and safer, and the postoperative process is much more painful and faster. During surgery under general anesthesia, 80 percent of the abdomen is removed with a stapler and light from the transmitted tube. The most important point of the operation is to prevent bleeding in the suture line after removing the abdomen. To find out if there is a drop in the seam line, the abdomen is inflated with special dyes. After the inspections, the pipeline sent at the beginning of the operation is removed and a drainage system is installed.

  • The stomach tract is narrowed. The feeling of satiety occurs with a small amount of food.
  • The production of appetite hormones is reduced. Appetite is declining.
  • You can eat everything but a little.
  • The natural flow of the gastrointestinal tract is maintained.
  • The number of complications and side effects is relatively low.
  • Allows you to lose most extra pounds in about a year.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Turkey

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost in Turkey is 70% cheaper than in European countries. Turkey is the most preferred country in this respect due to its cost-effectiveness and hundreds of successful operational references. You have the option of a holiday in Turkey before and after the operation. You will get the most accurate and final price after the first consultation with a doctor. Gastric sleeve Turkey prices increase in direct proportion to the quality of the hospital where the operation takes place, team fees, material fees, medical, hotel and post-operative care. Operation prices are affected by the brand, the quality of the material used in the operation, the quality of the material, or the fact that the quality is FDA approved. In addition, pricing should be decided according to the overall condition of the patient.

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